Current Standings

These are the final point standings for the WTRHA. It reflects who is leading for the titles and awards presented by WTRHA at the year end awards banquet.

2020 Year End Standings
Last Updated: Feb. 24th, 2020

Point Keeping- WTRHA year-end rankings shall be computed on a point system, through twenty (20) places, based on the number of horses competing in any class. Points will be tabulated with one point for each horse competing through twenty (20) places. Exceptions: The youth classes will be tabulated with one point for each horse competing through ten (10) places. The points will be awarded on "one horse/one rider" combination in all classes except open classes. The points will be awarded to the horse in the Open divisions.

Year End Awards. The Owner as listed on the registration papers or the bill of sale and the Rider must be current WTRHA members in good standing for points earned to count toward year end awards. The points are not counted retroactive, only from the day of enrollment (day current WTRHA membership dues are paid) to the end of the point year. A record will be kept for each of the reining classes designated by the Executive Committee no later than the first show of each year. Recognition in the form of “Year End Award” will be made to the winners in each category. Members must show in 50% plus one out of all the WTRHA Shows to be eligible for year end awards.

Champion, Reserve Champion, and 3rd place awards are given in the following divisions: Open, Intermediate Open, Limited Open, Rookie Pro, Non Pro, Intermediate Non Pro, Limited Non Pro, Prime Time Non Pro, Rookie L1, Rookie L2, Prime Time Rookie, Short Stirrup, Youth 13 & Under, Youth 14 & Over, Green Reiner L1, Green Reiner L2, NH Open L1, NH Open L2, NH NP L1, NH NP L2.

South Central Affiliate Championships
The WTRHA tracks the riders showing for the chance to represent the WTRHA at the NRHA Affiliate Championships. The NRHA keeps the official points for those wanting to compete at the Affiliate Championships. You can find those by clicking here, or going to the NRHA website.

Affiliate Designation
If you are a member of more than one affiliate, you must complete an Affiliate Designation Form. The completed form must be in the NRHA office no later than August 1st with no exceptions. If you have any questions on this policy you may contact NRHA at (405)946-7400.
Click here to download the affiliate form.

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