The West Texas Reining Horse Association Welcomes You!

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Updated 02/2019
You can mail your membership form to:

c/o Ari Edgmon
130 Watkins Trail
Weatherford, TX 76088

Remember: memberships are due annually beginning January 1st of each year. Become a member of the West Texas Reining Horse Association by printing out the membership form and mailing it along with your dues. Remember, Owners and Riders must be current members in good standing in order to be eligible for year-end awards and to enter certain classes. Your membership helps support reining shows, clinics, and newsletters dedicated to promoting reining in the Texas Panhandle. Members must join prior to showing in a WTRHA class. You may join at the shows.

Class Conditions are shown in the NRHA handbook with the additions of the following classes:

WTHRA $500 Novice Rider- For any horse and rider that is Non-Pro eligible who has not earned in excess of $500 lifetime in reining earnings. Must be a member in good standing of WTRHA in order to ENTER the class.

Green as Grass- Non-Pro exhibitors with less than $100 in lifetime reining earnings prior to entering the Green as Grass class are eligible. Only the rider must be a current WTRHA members in good standing in order to ENTER the class and for points earned to count toward Green as Grass program. Rider need not own the horse being shown.There will be no payback. All riders accumulating 20 points according to the NRHA Youth Point Scale will graduate out of Green as Grass, earn a collectible year-end award buckle, and no longer be eligible to compete in Green as Grass even if the goal is achieved before the end of the current show season. More than one rider may reach 20 points in the same year. Points will carry over until the 20 points is reached. Riders may show either one handed or two, but must remain consistent throughout the pattern. Switching back and forth will result in a score of 0.

WTRHA Youth- Restricted only to exhibitors 18 years and under. WTHRA Youth entry fees may not exceed $10. No judge’s fee may be charged for the WTRHA Youth class. Exhibitors need to be members of WTRHA but do not need to be NRHA members and need not own the horse they are showing, but the owner of the horse must be a WTRHA Member in good standing also. Riders may show one handed in a bridle or two handed in a snaffle bit.

Point Keeping- WTRHA year-end rankings shall be computed on a point system, through twenty (20) places, based on the number of horses competing in any class. Points will be tabulated with one point for each horse competing through twenty (20) places. Exceptions: The youth classes and the Green as Grass will be tabulated with one point for each horse competing through ten (10) places. The points will be awarded on "one horse/one rider" combination in all classes except open classes and Green as Grass. The points will be awarded to the horse in the Open divisions. Green as Grass exhibitors may show more than one horse and points for each shall be counted.

Year End Awards. The Owner as listed on the registration papers or the bill of sale and the Rider must be current WTRHA members in good standing for points earned to count toward year end awards. The points are not counted retroactive, only from the day of enrollment (day current WTRHA membership dues are paid) to the end of the point year. A record will be kept for each of the reining classes designated by the Executive Committee no later than the first show of each year. Recognition in the form of “Year End Award” will be made to the winners in each category. Members must show in 50% plus one out of all the WTRHA Shows to be eligilble for year end awards.

Affiliate Finals- You may choose to set your sights on a regional award. Every year, WTRHA may put together a circuit and send representatives from each class to the South Central US Championship show. If you belong to more than one NRHA affiliate and plan to participate in the North American Regional Affiliate Finals, you will need to designate WTRHA by August 1st. Don’t loose your affiliate point standings. For complete details on current rules, please contact the NRHA office.